music producer

Music Producer

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their
pictures on silence." ~ Leopold Stokowski

Julian is a London based music producer and sound engineer that brings song ideas to life. Additionally, he is an established musician/songwriter that enjoys working music crossover styles. These influences include Acoustic, Electronic, Pop, Rock, Soul, Hiphop and Funk styles.

Audio production involves:

  • Songwriting
  • Arranging
  • Composition of instruments
  • Vocal production (melodies/harmonies/direction)
  • & mixing and mastering to completion
sound engineer

Julian's studio equipment includes some of the worlds finest gear for perfection purposes. These include analog and digital that brings warmth and focus within music.

Julian studied music to degree level and concentrated on analysis and performance. In everything from live to the studio, this musical training comes into play.

Microphones - Tube AKG C12 (the 1950s), Mahalia (u67), Arabella (u47) and a modified NT2 which now has a u47 capsule in which sounds incredible!

Hardware: Neve, Teletronix LA2A, RME, MXR, BBE, E-mu, Akai, ART, Golden Age Project.

Instruments: Steinway Vertegrand acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes Mk1 Stage 73 (1976), Wurlitzer 200a (1973), Yamaha CP5 (wooden action), Jen SX1000 (1978 & with MIDI), Ensoniq SQ80 (1987) & Sequential Prophet 6.

Guitars - Telecaster (1992), Gibson S1 (1971), Spanish Nylon String, AXL 4string Bass.

Digital plugins - Native Instruments, East-West, Spectrasonics, Waves, Massive, Slate Digital, FabFilter, Soundtoys, Xfer Records, Arturia and many, many more.

The production studio contains all the plugins and sounds required for any style and production.

Music studio services:

Visit Julian's music producer recording studio website for further information via